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      SRS Tower Faridabad
      SRS CorporateTower
      SRS Residency,Sec-87, Faridabad
      SRS Residency,Sec-88, Faridabad
      SRS Township,Sec-6, Palwal
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      SRS Residency,Sec-26, Rewari
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  The real estate operations of the SRS Group function through its two arms SRS REAL ESTATE LTD. and SRS REAL INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.  
The SRS Group is aggressively building large real estate and infrastructure development projects valued at over Rs. 14000 crores .
  SRS TOWER , Faridabad  
  SRS Residency, Sec-87, Faridabad  
  SRS Residency, Sec-88, Faridabad  
  SRS Township, Sec-6, Palwal  
  SRS Residency, Sec-8, Palwal  
  SRS Residency, Sec-26, Rewari  
  SRS Farmhouses, Faridabad  
All projects are located in the high demand, high value NCR region, with special emphasis on the fastest-growing sectors in Faridabad, Palwal and Rewari. Plans have been concretized to enter West India with projects of significance.
The Group constructed and currently operates a full service mall in the NCR covering 137970 sq. ft.The mall is a city landmark and includes multiplex cinemas, retail chains, food courts and clubs as part of the array of services. The SRS group is currently constructing its 5 star deluxe hotel property in Faridabad. The project will be India's first hotel with a helipad. Spread over an area of 15 acres, it will also include an entertainment zone. The property will offer more than 550 rooms with all hotel facilities and will be ready for operations in 2010.
In line with objective of increasing the Group’s landbank, plans are being implemented to acquire companies with good land assets - for the construction and development of residential/commercial/industrial projects in residential /industrial zones.