About SRS Group

Dear Stakeholders,


Addressing you today fills me with great sense of pride and achievement. We, at SRS Group, have registered whopping growth in the past year and our incessant efforts to help SRS evolve into a brand of national recognition and prominence have started to yield excellent results.

After two years of more than 30% CAGR and revenues at Rs. 700 crore last year, SRS Group has grown into a conglomerate with revenues touching the Rs. 1,500 crore mark this year and an enviable growth rate of 350% ! This has primarily been owing to efforts of each and every member of the Group and we are delighted to acknowledge that.

Much of our focus during last year has, of course, been on growth and, in particular, on building strong consumer brands such that we are even closer to our target audience than ever before. SRS Group in its endeavour to evolve from being just a sizeable company from Faridabad to a brand of national repute has taken many initiatives, the most prominent of which, is the reengineering of our brand image and our corporate identity of the SRS brand and all its sub-brands.

Our rebranding initiative has met with tremendous response from our target audience and coupled with the success of our expansion plans, the progress of SRS Group has not only been noticed by but also extensively reported in all major newspapers, magazines, online media and TV channels across the country. This is a true testimony to the fact that our collective endeavour is being noticed and recognized all across.

However, it is not just pure business growth that we have been working for. As a serious entity, we also recognize our corporate social responsibility. Last year, SRS Group made CSR activities a key element of our growth strategy. We firmly believe that while making profits it makes good business as well as social sense to share them with the society. It is very satisfying to learn that we are in a position to ‘give back’ to the world we live in and earn from.

With the launch of SRS Society for Seniors (SRSSS), we aim to alleviate and empower the ageing rural and urban communities all across India and actively contribute towards improving the quality of life of the senior citizens by providing basis amenities like shelter, food, medical care and recreation opportunities so as to encourage healthy, productive and active ageing. We will also promote holistic well being amongst senior citizens through health awareness programs, medical care camps, dispensaries and mobile medical vans.

Though we have many on-the-ground activities underway, we still have much to learn and even more to do. We sincerely hope that our efforts will bring smiles to the lips of thousands of elderly people in the coming year.

Looking to the future, our focus will remain on our strategy for profitable growth. We will continue to deliver on our promises and fulfill our commitments to our key stakeholder groups: customers, suppliers, investors, employees and the communities we serve.

As you all are aware, the Group is simultaneously focusing on different business verticals and expanding its footprint across India while keeping an eye on emerging opportunities. SRS Group currently has substantial presence in the entertainment, multiplex cinemas, organized retail, food courts, restro-bars, fashion wear retail, jewelry retail and real estate sectors.

We are currently exploring many new business options and our strategy is to carve a niche for ourselves in different verticals by focusing on offering the best in term of customer services, ambiance, styling, fashion and value to our discerning customers. If the enthusiastic response of our customers towards our new initiatives, SRS Fasion Wear and SRS Jewles stores, is anything to go by, we are confident that we are heading in the right direction!

With your wishes and the dedication of our team committed to the organizational goals, we see no reason why we can not touch even newer heights of success in the years to come!

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