About SRS Group

SRS 7Dayz Food Courts
The food court services are operated under the SRS 7DAYZ brand umbrella. Patrons enjoy Continental, Chinese, North and South Indian cuisine and snack food options in a pure vegetarian format. The food courts are perfectly positioned and enjoy excellent footfall.

SRS Dazzle Restrobars
SRS Dazzle Restrobars are family restaurants with unparalleled ambience, music and drinks offering the perfect party atmosphere.

SRS Premium Sweets & Namkeens
SRS has also introduced packaged premium sweets and namkeens under the brand name ‘7Dayz Premium’. The 7Dayz Premium sweets are available at all SRS 7Dayz Food Courts and the 7Dayz Premium namkeens range is available at both SRS 7Dayz Food Courts and SRS Value Bazaars.

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