About SRS Group

The SRS Group is committed to excel in every business it has presence in and become a trusted, valued brand. Apart from this, it is guided by a business philosophy that commercial growth can best happen when married with the welfare of the larger society.

Driven with these values, SRS aims to develop 1, 00,000 dwelling units and provide employment, on its rolls, to more than 10,000 people by the end of 2013.

SRS also aims at establishing a university at the Nehar Par (Greater Faridabad) area of Faridabad that will offer all contemporary faculties. SRS has already acquired land of about 25 acres for this university, which will not only serve as a home town university for students of Faridabad but will also draw talent from other cities.

In addition to this, the SRS Group wants to roll-out another innovative idea to bring out the hidden sports talent in India. It intends to do so by setting up a dedicated Sports Academy in the nature of a full-fledged sports university that will offer day boarding along with nutritious meals to its students. It is the hope of the SRS Group that once set up, this academy will be the breeding ground of world-class sportsmen and experts who will bring glory to the country.

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