The SRS Health Club is a facility that offers fitness and spa services in a calm recreational environment. Located at the heart of the city centre at Faridabad, the SRS Health Club serves the creme de la creme of the city.
The SRS Health Club works towards inculcating a health-giving lifestyle to support positive holistic living.
The SRS Health Club has an excellent faculty of trained health and fitness professionals to assist members attain better physical and mental health levels. In addition to standard fitness services such as a well equipped gym, a pool, a spa and a weight managment service, the SRS Health Club offers a range of ayurvedic therapies and treatments.
  Abhyangam with Swedam
Warm Pizhichili
Netra tarpan
Shiro Abhyangam

In addition to health services members are pampered with an array of premium lifestyle
recreation facilities – individually and as a community with a common elevated purpose.

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