About SRS Group

The seeds of success of the SRS Group were sown in the year 1990, when Dr Jindal organized his finance business and incorporated ‘Bansla Finlease Ltd.’, with the key objective of providing loans/financing for vehicles and machinery. Later on, in the year 2006, its name was changed to S.B.S Finance Ltd. As the business grew, another company named BTL Investments Ltd. was incorporated with the same objectives.

In the year 1997, it diversified its business and entered into manufacturing and marketing of Edible Oil & Tea and for this purpose floated two new companies – ‘BTL Industries Ltd.’ and ‘BTL Commercial Ltd.’. By then, the group had gained recognition and become famous as ‘BTL Group’.

In the year 2000, the group took a quantum leap and entered the retail, real estate, cinemas food court businesses – sectors that were on the upswing and in sync with the emerging needs of the masses. This was the new beginning of the group, and paved way for SRS Entertainment & Retail Ltd., the flagship company of SRS Group.

With the launch of SRS Multiplex in 2004 at City Centre, Faridabad, the whole outlook of the group changed. The SRS Group lifted up to an altogether new level and took the centre stage across all businesses and its future expansions. It became the beacon for change, growth and expansion and started chartering the group’s foray into new geographies and businesses.

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