About SRS Group

We believe in building a lasting relationship with you, instead of looking at interactions as a onetime transaction. With this thought, we strive to bring maximum value to you as a token of our appreciation for choosing the SRS brand, and in the process make your experience more exciting and rewarding.

With this, we welcome you to the SRS Value Club. As members of this club, you will have access to a world of special privileges and exclusive benefits that are not seen anywhere else.

What makes the SRS Value Club a very powerful idea is the fact that it will offer benefits to the members across the entire spectrum of the SRS outlets and stores that include SRS Cinemas, SRS 7 Dayz Food Courts, SRS Value Bazaar, Punjabi Haandi Family Restaurant & Bar, SRS Family Restaurant, SRS Jewels, SRS Kissan Bazaar and SRS Banquets.

A truly matchless program, the SRS Value Club, is a gateway to the best options in shopping, movie, dining and entertainment. It is yet another example of the SRS Group’s endeavour to add greater value to its customers.

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