SRS Finance limited was incorporated on 1st February 1994 with the business of financing and investments as its main objective. The year 2009 marked a significant milestone in its history when it got a certificate from the Reserve Bank of India to conduct business as a Non Banking Financial Corporation.

Areas of Operations
The company initially focused on corporate finance and investments, but after getting the recognition of a NBFC, it is now entering the consumer finance business. With this, it aims to become an enabler for people to realize their desires to buy quality goods of choice in a convenient and safe manner. Typical products for which it shall extend financing facility include 2 & 3 wheelers, cars, white goods, electronic products, home appliances and the like. The company also is in the business of funding corporate projects. This is done by way of its own resources and accruals as well as by way of loan syndication.

The company also is in the business of funding corporate projects. This is done by way of its own resources and accruals as well as by way of loan syndication.

Strategic Advantage
As a part of the renowned SRS Group, the company enjoys formidable strategic advantages. Briefly, they include:

•  Strong Brand recognition of SRS : SRS as a brand stands for the best solutions, trust and honesty, and is widely respected across markets. The fact that the company is a part of the SRS Group makes it easy for it to establish itself, get new clients, achieve efficient funding as well as benefit from the overall strength of the SRS brand.

•  Business Synergies on account of multi-domain presence : On account of the SRS Group’s presence across multiple verticals, various synergies are generated that work to the company’s advantage. This includes benefits such as client referrals, new business opportunities and effective sourcing which go a long way to ensure the company’s profitable operations and growth.

•  Strong Talent Pool : A direct result of the multifarious presence of the SRS Group means that it has thousands of manhours of experience and expertise in diverse fields such as project management, operations, marketing, brand management, new business development, finance & accounts, vendor management, sourcing and purchases and the like. Similarly, it has a rich talent pool of professionals with a sound academic and industry experience, which are readily available to add momentum to any of the group companies by way of secondment or reassignment, as the requirements may be.

•  Opportunities for cross-selling : The SRS Group of companies serve a cross section of the society through its various offerings spread across cinemas, food & beverages, retail, jewellery, housing as well as through its B2B offerings. This provides the company with a significant advantage to cross sell other products to its consumer of a particular division – for example, a cinema patron may convert into a customer for our housing project, a f&b consumer may buy jewelry from the company, a jewelry customer could turn into a corporate client for RMC and so on.

•  Strong Negotiation Power : On account of the huge requirements from the various group companies as well as the ability to attract huge consumer segments, the company has very strong negotiation abilities with vendors, mall developers, service providers and the like, and they help the company to work out deals to its advantage, ensuring higher value to the consumers and greater profitability for itself.