SRS Cinemas offers you a whole new world full of emotions! Step into SRS Cinemas today for a world-class movie viewing experience!

SRS Cinemas is a multiplex brand that prides itself on delivering a wholesome movie-going experience.
We are driven by a simple belief that the movie business is much more than just the movies. You will see this thought getting reflected passionately in everything we do, be it the premiere ambience of our multiplexes or our delightful service standards or our attention to detail or the convenience of multiple choices to book tickets to name a few. In return, our visitors have rewarded us by making SRS Cinemas their most preferred choice of multiplex, in every territory we operate in.
SRS Cinemas is present in various locations across Gurgaon, Faridabad and Gorakhpur. Very soon, the brand will soon be commissioning its new multiplexes in several new cities. After all, everyone has a right to enjoy the best movie-going experience!


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