Imagine a world where you get everything you wanted right under one roof at prices that are just right, deals that are simply unbeatable and service that brings a smile. This is the world of SRS value Bazaar.

SRS Value Bazaar is a chain of retail stores that brings the finest in food & groceries, personal care, home care, confectionary, packaged food, wines & spirits, frozen foods and much more so that all your needs are fulfilled perfectly at a single point.

The stores offer you the finest products across a vast array of brands and are available in various package sizes to suit your needs. The hassle-free shopping actually becomes a pleasure in their premium, safe and pleasing ambience, matched perfectly by a team of customer care executives who are always at an arm’s length to take care of your needs and comfort.

However, great products are not the only things that will delight you. What will bring a smile to your face are the fabulous deals and combo packs we offer, designed to give you maximum savings when you buy the finest brands available at the store. Go for our monthly deals that we announce every month beginning. And if you want something extra special, walk in on Thursdays to avail of the weeks lowest prices.

On top of this, there’s a quick and efficient home delivery service for you. Call us in those moments when you are just too busy or not in a mood to step out of home – we are here to serve you, always. Though we confess, we love it when you visit us.

All in all, SRS Value Bazaar is one happy place to be when you are out shopping. So do come over soon!

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